Enjoy a Free Ref Clean and More with a Christmas General Clean


There’s something about the Christmas season that inspires you to make a change at home. You just want your house to look its best! You want it extra festive and extra clean! However the holiday season is also the busiest time of the year. Just when you’re balancing work and holiday errands, another item pops up in your to-do list. What now? Should you shop for gifts? Go to this party? Fix your home? It can get crazy!

Checkers can tick some of the things in your to-do list so you can enjoy a lighter load. This holiday season, we are offering Christmas General Clean and Party Clean Up services. As a special treat, we’re also giving away FREE Timesavers like Ref Clean and Fan Clean when you book a General Clean. Here’s the complete list of timesavers you can choose from:

  • Ref Cleaning
  • Electric Fan Cleaning
  • Gas Stove Cleaning
  • Oven toaster Cleaning
  • Microwave Cleaning

You can enjoy these holiday freebies from Nov 16-30, 2016 and Dec 1-10, 2016. Book us online or text 0915-1024785. Only limited slots are available so don’t miss this treat! Have a merry and stress-free Christmas!

Jerina De Jesus
Executive Director, Checkers

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