Enjoy the ALL NEW Checkers Studio General Clean


They say small spaces are easy to clean. “You don’t need extra help, just sweep the floor everyday.” But with our fast-paced lifestyles, there are still housekeeping chores that we fail to attend to, even with a small home. Who has time to disinfect the floor, clean the cupboards, vacuum the couch and the carpet? And when we neglect these areas, our homes accumulate dust and molds and become a breeding ground for mites and other pests. Housekeeping is not easy when you’re busy! Checkers is here to lighten your load! Book the ALL NEW Checkers Studio General Clean exclusive for homes or rooms 30sqm and below for a best value price of Php 1170.

Expect a thorough and detailed cleaning session with a Studio General Clean, which includes wall to window cleaning, floor to ceiling cleaning, decluttering and basic cleaning. Book a Checkers Studio General Clean today!

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