Cleaning is one thing you can tick off your checklist! Checkers is the go-to help service for your home. Specializing in basic and general cleaning, Checkers is here to create a cleaner, healthier and organized home environment so you can focus on the things you value most like spending more time with your family.

Checkers was created by sisters Jerina and Justine De Jesus, both graduates of Miriam College, who took up Entrepreneurship and Communication Arts respectively. After college, Jerina worked for two major fashion retailers, while Justine went into missionary work and creative arts, eventually publishing children’s books. Both sisters had to balance career and family life, especially when their mother required special care after being in an accident.  

Having to endure traffic jams for years to and from work, Justine and Jerina’s free time was mostly spent on the road, leaving them no opportunity to clean their house, do the laundry, run personal errands, pursue hobbies, and most importantly look after their mom. Their to-do list got longer and longer and longer. Nothing was getting done!

One day, while conceptualizing a business idea, the sisters thought of what they needed and what most urban dwellers long for — more margin in life — to do the things we value most and be with the people we love the most. And what if there was a service that can lighten our load just a little bit so we can be more and do more? That’s how Checkers came about — to offer people a go-to help service for their homes! And the number one thing we want to tick off on your checklist is keeping your home clean.

With Checkers, errands our gone. We’ll get it done! 

Checkers is operated by Checkbox Cleaning Services